Preemptive code deletion


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… the game nobody asked for but I’ve always wanted to create!

Back when I was learning PHP I did a rip-off of OGame but wasn’t able to finish it because the combat simulation got 15yo old me.

The fact that OGame changed almost nothing since 2002 also motivated me to do this.
I mean, don’t get me wrong, if it’s still up it has to be profitable somehow so huge props to them but I don’t like how dull and/or old it feels to play it.

I started working on this by the 26th of September 2020 (thank you git history!) as a distraction from work on my spare time and continued to do so until November.

So.. why?!

There’s a bunch of reasons:

a) I’m a sucker for space games!

b) I wanted to learn Svelte by using it for something serious.

Thank you @javiruiz06 for introducing me to it!

Also because React itches me the wrong way the more I use it.

c) I wanted to create a tribute? to this kind of games.

These were the space games I grew with1 so I have very good memories about them.
They are what got me into computer science!

  1. There was also Starcraft and EVE Online. I’ll probably talk about EVE in the future. ↩︎

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